Leaving Facebook in favor of Tumblr

It’s true. I’m over the “social networking” experience and from now on, I’ll be using tumblr pretty much exclusively. Skype for close and personal friends. This does mean a few things for the blog, and this is what I’ve got planned:

I’m going to be using this blog for my work, which includes my music, writing, and things of that nature. As discussed earlier, I plan on doing a Song of the Day to share my musical tastes with you guys so expect that kind of deal going on. Somewhere down the line, there might be another “____ of the day/week” but for now, just Song of the Day.

Everything else will either be work or play. Work stuffs will obviously be links to new chapters on my ffnet (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2474773/) stories (I might even do some tumblr-exclusive stuff for you guys, no promises). Other than that, I might post links to songs on my Newgrounds profile (http://darkportalstudios.newgrounds.com/audio/). Play will be reblogs of things I like and pictures I find amusing, and of course, my rage-fueled rants won’t be going anywhere.

I want to make it known that I’m not trying to get any recognition or fame. I just really appreciate the tiny fanbase that I have and I want to take care of you guys because I appreciate your support. Thanks again for being awesome.


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